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Pick-up and delivery

Can I choose the hour of pick-up and delivery?

The selected courier service providers usually deliver shipments within a specific timeframe, which is from 9:00 until 18:00 from Monday to Friday.

In some cases, mostly in peak seasons, the courier might arrive as well before or after this time frame.

We understand how important it is for you to get a more specific time for the collection. This is why, in some cases, we can provide you the selected courier provider’s number so you can contact them directly. Upon the courier’s availability, you might be able to get a narrower timeframe for pick-up or delivery.
Will the courier driver call me before collecting or delivering a package?

In certain countries, the courier driver does call before the pick-up or delivery. However, it is not the courier driver’s obligations to do so. Please note that if he decides to call, he can only call local phone numbers.
Do I have to print the label?

For standard shipping service, you won’t have to print out the label for your parcel.

You do have to print out the label if the pick-up country is Poland, Sweden or Spain or you choose Flexi service (available only for some of our business customers).

When booking a freight shipping service, printing the label is only necessary if instructed by the selected carrier or by EPS-Express Post Services. Nevertheless, it is recommended to put a copy of the order confirmation with all of the relevant details on top of your shipment. This would make the locating and delivering of your shipment much easier in the unlikely event of damage or loss of the label.
What kind of addresses can the courier collect from?

The courier can collect only from full addresses with accurate postcodes as they are given in the order process. Make sure you have previously received mail or other deliveries were made at that address.

Couriers can collect from gated apartments, student dormitories, company headquarters, company warehouses, private addresses and hotels, and hostels.

For flats and addresses with multiple units, the courier will sometimes make the delivery or pick up to the main door of the building.
Are there any drop-off locations where I can leave my package?

In general, your package needs to be picked up at a specific address. It could be either where you live, a friend’s house, a hotel or at your work place.

At the moment, EPS-Express Post Services and its network of courier companies and freight forwarders, make the drop-off locations available only in some countries. Contact us for more information regarding this service and we will inform you about the drop-off points which are currently available.
Is the courier driver equipped with tools to check the weight of my parcel upon pickup?

The weight of the parcels is usually checked after the parcel has arrived at the local depot. At the moment of the pickup, we cannot guarantee that the driver will have the equipment to check the weight of your parcel. In case your shipment ends up being heavier than the weight you selected during the booking process, you will either be charged for the extra weight, or your package will be returned to you.

If, after packing, you realize that your package is heavier than the weight you initially selected during the booking process, please contact us.
If I have many parcels, will they be collected by the same courier company?

Depending on the details given in the booking process, EPS-Express Post Services chooses the courier service that offers the best price-to-performance ratio to carry out the pick-up. If all the packages for pick-up are under or up to a maximum of 30kg, they will be picked up by the same courier company. For mixed packages, up to 30kg and for those up to 40kg, a different courier company may perform the pick-up.

Each logistics provider we partner with is specialized in different transportation methods and different routes. For this reason, different package sizes and routes may be performed by different courier service providers if the service is requested in different orders.
Can I change the courier company in charge of the delivery?

EPS-Express Post Services system automatically selects the courier company that offers the best price and highest quality of service for the selected route.

If you wish to ship your items with a different courier company than the one assigned by our system, an extra charge will apply. To check the possibility of changing the courier company, send an email to support@expresspostservices.eu and our customer support team will inform you about the possible scenarios.
Can I choose a specific date of delivery?

For standard shipping service, the delivery date depends on the country the package is picked up and the country where it is delivered. For every route, an estimated delivery time is given by the courier service providers. You can calculate how much time it would approximately take for your package to get to its destination in our time estimator.